Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

How to Achieve Victorian Gothic Home Interior

A Victorian Gothic Home Interior is always enchanting to look. They look haunted, but elegant and mysterious all at the same time. Sometimes it’s remind us a little bit of Tim Burton’s movies, so if you are interested in changing our interior to Victorian Gothic Home Interior, you can follow these tips below

Dramatic looking Furnitures

First of all you can bring this Victoria Gothic Home Interior look by choosing the right furnitures. A traditional style furniture works better compare to the other style. Traditional furnitures mostly have a very heavy design with a lot of floral ornaments, this is what makes your interior look more gothic. The more dramatic the decorations are, the more gothic it looks.
Victorian Gothic Home Interior

Dark Colors

Most people think that Gothic Home Interior has to be all black. Well, it’s not entirely wrong, but remember that your house isn't a Tim Burton’s movie property, so if you use too many black colors here it will increase the cramped look to your house. Especially if your house isn't too big to begin with, unless you want your house to be extra haunted look. Using dark brown colors, dark greens or velvet red is a great substitute and they can also emphasize the elegant look a Victorian house usually has.

Victorian Style Wallpaper

One of the most important parts of a Victoria Gothic Home Interior is the wallpaper. A Victorian wallpaper usually has some floral pattern on it. Although it is appropriate to use an all white wallpaper, Still dark colors win the round in this part. Remember that it doesn't have to be all black, using colors like brown, green or red is still appropriate.

Heavy Curtains

Who knows that curtain is also an important aspect of Gothic Home Interior? Yes, using a velvet and drapery, curtains for this interior design is highly recommended. Just like the other, velvet look will work best to add a gothic look to your windows, especially if you own arched windows with Victorian style.